Monday, 11 August 2008

The Origins of Homosexuality

Yes folks, I have previously published this freely distributed bonus content from my Atlantis book on the David Icke forum. Unfortunately, it was removed and my account deleted due to my rather frequent attempts to beat moderators and administrator scum with my length. I then tried to publish it on my 'Mtsar Fringe Blog' but it was deleted by google via some person claiming to be 'the real Mtsar' ... If I ever get my hands on that sick impersonating fuck I'll rip his imitation trinkets off his face and shove them up his rapture pipe.

The following extract was left off the Atlantis book due to my publisher insisting I keep the tome to 500 pages. What, with the 400 pages of appendixes (copyright other authors), I had to keep my own writings to less than 100 pages. Lazy say some, but those who challenged the man met a tall naked half Brown man on a cold winter night and have never been the same since.

Extract follows:

The Origins of Homosexuality

Long long ago in fictional times, after the Lemurians (of whom we are now descended) had left Atlantis to set up their own high-tech society. The Lemurians (themselves created by scientific tinkering by their Atlantean father race) began to experiment with science.

Thinking that they could perfect the imperfection that the Atlantans had built in to them, and realize their full potential, the Lemurians bred a very advanced form of female. This was a female like no other, a Goddess. Beautiful and fair. but, with one notable difference to her Lemurian brethren: She had no sexual organs. The Lemurians had deduced that the reason for the genetic defects they suffered was through deficiencies embedded into the reproductive functions of their women. Their strategy to negate this was radical, and bold.

Removing the sexual organs of these Goddess maidens meant that artificial insemination was the only way they could be impregnated. And, impregnate them they did with the semen of ten of the most beautiful, and well groomed men in the herd. The candidates were shortlisted in a holographically broadcasted show 'Lemurian Idol' and voted for by telekinesis. This was a truly democratic process, unlike the brutal satanic American system of today. There was only the purest symbolism used on the holographic broadcasting corporations advertising and the children often danced in the shivan waterways at the freedom the symbolism around them rewarded them with.

However, the removal of Sexual organs left an unintended consequence that was not foreseen. It has been anticipated that the newborns would be removed via surgery when fully developed, much like in the modern medical world.. as with no Vaginal or birth canal this was seen as the prudent solution. Complications soon ensued and this became impossible. The limits of fictional scholarship levy heavy here and I cannot go into detail, save only to say that the children were all born through the anus of the maidens, what we call 'yer arse' in East Belfast. This was something of a surprise for the Lemurian scientists, but they were welcomed with celebration (despite the assbirth) and cleaned down and worshipped by all of Lemuria Prime and beyond.

These children were raised like kings. Everyone followed their childhood and adolescence via the holographic blue beaming streaming service and Lemuria waited with baited breath for the time when they could reproduce and find out if the experiment had worked and their children would be free of the Atlantean defects. Disaster struck when disturbing rumors began to circulate of the children, now of sexual maturity, refusing to procreate with each other and instead, the boys chose to fraternize exclusively with each other. Homosexuality was invented. The Lemurian scientists could only deduce that the ass birth had led to the boys having an overwhelming sexual craving for anal pleasure. The maidens who bred these abominations were slain and the children were next in line - however, one was spared by a sympathetic Lemurian scientist who was still proud of his creation despite the negative results. He was sent away in secret to a distant Island, what we now know as Ireland.

The embarrassment over this issue led the Lemurians to give up all hope and abandon science and their civilisation withered and died. However, the actions of that rogue scientist in sparing that one gay boy have forever corrupted mankind. somehow this ass birth procreated and mixed his genetic codes into the fine native population Ireland - which was then exported to America during the potato famine and before long, Homosexuality and ass pleasure was all over the world.

People, even the great Mtsar lives with this anal birth legacy in my blood, we all do. There are times I cannot help but be attracted to the posterior of a fine young man walking down the Bay Area in tight Jeans. I have developed a meditation series on a 5 part audio tape that can be ordered from Taroscopes to help overcome these urges. it has saved me from crimes against the anus. For the remainder of April this series is discounted for all members. I also will throw in a free bottle of Rapture Lubricant: 'For when things get nasty' . Get yours now.

It truly is a revelation of fictional scholarship that through its genius, we can truly trace the origins of this most filthy and depraved of all human conditions.

'Lemurian Idol', 'ass-birth', 'Ireland', 'potato', are copyright Mtsar.
'homosexuality' is copyright Professor Ghey, Lemurian Research Institute.


Anonymous said...

I've reported you to the Gay Defamation League you sick fuck.

I hope you know this kind of garbage is just written by haters and repressed gay man who hate themselves

Anonymous said...

Why not make your next one "origins of pedophelia" since Michael has so openly condoned the practice on his forum (and many of his mates on the forum think it's a good idea "as long as the child wants it").

Anonymous said...

First of all you prove yourself clueless - Lemurains came from LEMURIA, Atlantis was another people, lower developed. Lemuria went down, 25.000 survived, and the continent of Atlantis went down mauch later. Those two are totally separete people and continents! You know a fuck about history. You're a complete fake artist.

And if you'd knew A THINK about the 5th dimeinsion, you'd knew what undonditional love means. You'd knew that it is about a perfect balance of male and female energies that one needs to achieve in order to enter the 5th dimension. Low energy, low mindset, hate, and accusation, is exactly the kind of LOW energy keeping people like you stuck in the 3rd dimension.
Spreading hate may even make you incarnate back in the 2nd dimension and loose even the 3rd dmensional level of frequency. Your hate spreading thoughts make you devekop backwards.

And finally, homosexuallty as such does not exist when male and female aspects are IN BALLANCE whicht can be within ONE AND THE SAME person/soul. So mating with the "opposite" gender or "same" gneder in the Lemurian 5th dimensin actually does not make any difference. The rigid separation and judging by the limited human intellect is only still exists in the 3rd dimensin you live in.

Also, what you resist MOST you need to look in the most. You refuse what you call homosexual - may meen you have a strong desire on the opposite side of your medal.. Just a kind hint to tink about. Because NOTHING can cause hate feelings, unless it is due to something deeply attached personally to your soul. Maybe you are gay? But hate to admit, because you prefer to obey to judgments of the 3rd dimension society? All advanced civilisations e.g. Lemuria do not have this. you are a hater. And haters a faaaaaaaaaar away from love frequency, which is the door to enlightment. Dumbesses stay on the Earth Surface. The rest of us gets elevated. Enjoy the living in the shit you are creating.

Anonymous said...

Look at yourself... you look "typical" gay. So freaking gay. I think you so adore your father it is getting sick. Ant THIS makes you fear gay feelings, because you fear your adoring your father may have gay aspects. This is YOUR problem. But instead you accuse homosexuality for what it is - to wash yourself clean from being probably gay. you have a sick deep love for your father. It makes you think you could be gay. Your deep compassion and love for him almost destroyed you. Now you still admire and love and honer him, but inside you fight the gay thoughts about it, and instead of cleaning up your own shit, what ever troubles you, you are victim = blamer, you choose to fingerpoint and accuse homosexuality - as if that could prove that YOU are NOT gay...... You are cmpletely perverted. And it will not heal you to fingerpoint AWAY from you. Rahter ADMIT YOUR FEELINGS about the male.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Man who were assborn are homosexual, addicted to ass.
Man who were vaginaborn are addicted to loving vagina.
So are all women who were vaginaborn. This is why most women are preodminantly homosexual. They adore vagina as all vaginaborn human beings.
And this is why more and more man trun gay, because there is this huge lack of heterosexual women. Because most women get vaginaborn by their mothers.
And you were clearly assborn born by an especially shitfilled mother ass, because even your head is full of shit.