Monday, 12 July 2010

The Servant of Truth, new exclusive Mtsar content

The task of 'the servants of truth' (Copyright Mtsar, available now at $39.99) is made unbearably difficult due to lack of money for fictional authors and the knee-jerk fear reactions that automatically inhibit a regular broad from buying my book after I give them my impressive 500 page length.

'The Servants of Truth' know from experience that few friends are won without severe control of copyright, by swordcraft if necessary, and that we should endeavor to expose the dirty little secrets of David Ickes arthritic ramblings. No man with swollen fingers should ever be trusted. In East Belfast that only means that you have been up to no good. Listen David, the Moon is not a fucking Spaceship you moron, it is a divine body. It houses the brilliant power of Shiva and charges the blood of the man as he writes his fictional scholarship into the night (in the Bay Area). How does David know this? Has he been to the moon to check? Well, people, eons of prophecy have foretold that the moon is not fictional. And who are we to argue with fable?

Nevertheless, a Servant of Truth is not permanently daunted by the discomfort caused by the presence and proximity of a beastly truth. The Servant of Truth is brave, aware that the price of ignorance is ultimately far greater than the price paid for knowledge. Where copyright is concerned, the price is always right. Go forth, be bold and brillaint and howl with the inner joy you feel, naked as the day you were born. Do not fear consequences, and remember safe sex and condoms are vatican propaganda - when the beastly deed need done, take your bare length and mount your maiden with only the sweat on your back as lubricant. Jesus does not love you, Jesus loves maidens.

The Servant of Truth knows that freedom is never free and that silence is most definitely consent. He comes to realize that, on the great board game of life, if he fatally chooses to not occupy the white squares of knowledge, he will be manipulated by those who will. So people, when you are walking down the sidewalk, stay on the white squares - ya hear? Icke would charge you $40.00 for a book full of shite, but Mtsar is giving away this knowledge for free. Gratis. Nada. So please do buy my book.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Obama is the Anti-Christ

Yes folks, I have secured exclusive access to Obama's private gmail account.

You will notice that if you add up the third letter of every line it spells 'EVIL BLACK MAN NOT HALF BROWN, ATLANTIS RISING 666'

This is very serious. Obama is most certainly the Shivan antichrist, the Atonist megalord come to enslave humanity. We must stop him at once people. Take to the streets and demand a true blooded half-brown gippo to be your king.

Can you imagine the freedom America would enjoy if all the nations children were led by the Great Mtsar, and provided with free mystery school tarot educations instead of the mainstream fascist education they get now, sponsored by pepsi and zion?

'mystery', 'gippo' and 'Obama' are copyright Mtsar Incorporated. 'Mtsar is copyright the Jordan fatimus Maxwell Foundation, Class of '74.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The New Mtsar Single, now on youtube

Yes yes, I have been in the recording studio laying down some fat ones, and also some tunes. This will not be available on itunes or in record shops, just through as I'm very protective of my copyright. This is sure to keep the honey's coming back to Mtsar for more sweet half-brown lovin.

The B-side will be 'Biggaungaummagumbaummaburrgagullla'. An ancient Irish Druidic chant that brings the brilliance of Shiva through your veins and aligns you with Aquarius.

Ciao, and keep on rockin' in the NWO.

'youtube' is copyright Mtsar

Monday, 1 September 2008

Sitchin is Not Wrong

What utter garbage. Who do these 'researchers' think they are undermining my documented fictional research? do they not know how many hours I spend making this stuff up and then copyrighting it? Listen ,this is how scholarship and documentation goes: If someone writes it in a book, its true. Don't you all know that you fucking darwinian rejects? People spend a lot of money hiring me to teach their children this kind of valuable truthism. You can find my details on Taroscopes. Now booking for special Year of the gippo specials. Payment can be made in part by blood sacrafice or bringing a few willing broads along. I havent been banging as much lately - I could do with a bit of lemurian lady juice.

Additionally what is the man supposed to do with the tattoo he invested in if this fictional turns out to be untrue?

I wouldn't take the time to wipe these flies off my brown arse if they so happened to stick to it after I shat my ring after too much curry. Only Shiva knows of the howling glory a lamb vindaloo can bring to a conspiracy genius.

You know, I've been reading this alternative internet blog scene for a few weeks now and I'm sorry to say that all the posters here are human filth, wasters drifting in a sea of intellectual sewage. All of you, scum. I'll bet not a single one of you would pay a penny for a piece of copyrighted scholarship ... or a dodgy home produced DVD boxset with me talking utter baloney for 459 hours... it figures.

Stop wasting my time, I have better things to do. The Rapture is but days away and i'm coming up so you better get this party started. Losers.

'vindaloo', 'Shiva', 'gippo', '459', and 'DVD' are all copyright Mtsar.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Mtsar Does Travolta - Exclusive!

Forget about dancing with the stars ... those losers refused to have the man on the show - they knew I'd dance them into the new age. How the fuck they can have one legged gippo Heather Mills (I'd still bang her disabled ass) on there but not a half brown renowned fictional scholar with riverdance in his genes... I dont know - though I suspect this has something to do with the symbolism in the CBS logo.

I have been a life long fan of dance, especially the Riverdance - watching all those Paddy broads in spandex lifting their leggies up.. phew... it takes a lot of rapture juice to keep old paddy in his pouch watching that stuff. Equally, nothing did it for me more growing up on the streets of East Belfast than watching that poofter Travolta showing the world how to dance like a beast of a man.

So, myself and Jordan knocked up a great one hour feature-ette in which the man runs down through the whole Saturday Night Fever routine in my brilliant white Atlantean suit. There are extras too - including a Mtsar approved naked yoga dance instructional video - great for the maidens out there who want to learn to bend into sexual brilliance. And directors commentary by Jordan Maxwell in which he extends the visual dance to incorporate the symbolism of the dance moves and how it relates to the fictional pie in his mind.

This DVD is available for the limited special offer of $3 when purchased with my full Origins and Oracles 679 DVD set, (coming soon in Blu-Ray).

Get yours now from