Monday, 12 July 2010

The Servant of Truth, new exclusive Mtsar content

The task of 'the servants of truth' (Copyright Mtsar, available now at $39.99) is made unbearably difficult due to lack of money for fictional authors and the knee-jerk fear reactions that automatically inhibit a regular broad from buying my book after I give them my impressive 500 page length.

'The Servants of Truth' know from experience that few friends are won without severe control of copyright, by swordcraft if necessary, and that we should endeavor to expose the dirty little secrets of David Ickes arthritic ramblings. No man with swollen fingers should ever be trusted. In East Belfast that only means that you have been up to no good. Listen David, the Moon is not a fucking Spaceship you moron, it is a divine body. It houses the brilliant power of Shiva and charges the blood of the man as he writes his fictional scholarship into the night (in the Bay Area). How does David know this? Has he been to the moon to check? Well, people, eons of prophecy have foretold that the moon is not fictional. And who are we to argue with fable?

Nevertheless, a Servant of Truth is not permanently daunted by the discomfort caused by the presence and proximity of a beastly truth. The Servant of Truth is brave, aware that the price of ignorance is ultimately far greater than the price paid for knowledge. Where copyright is concerned, the price is always right. Go forth, be bold and brillaint and howl with the inner joy you feel, naked as the day you were born. Do not fear consequences, and remember safe sex and condoms are vatican propaganda - when the beastly deed need done, take your bare length and mount your maiden with only the sweat on your back as lubricant. Jesus does not love you, Jesus loves maidens.

The Servant of Truth knows that freedom is never free and that silence is most definitely consent. He comes to realize that, on the great board game of life, if he fatally chooses to not occupy the white squares of knowledge, he will be manipulated by those who will. So people, when you are walking down the sidewalk, stay on the white squares - ya hear? Icke would charge you $40.00 for a book full of shite, but Mtsar is giving away this knowledge for free. Gratis. Nada. So please do buy my book.