Monday, 1 September 2008

Sitchin is Not Wrong

What utter garbage. Who do these 'researchers' think they are undermining my documented fictional research? do they not know how many hours I spend making this stuff up and then copyrighting it? Listen ,this is how scholarship and documentation goes: If someone writes it in a book, its true. Don't you all know that you fucking darwinian rejects? People spend a lot of money hiring me to teach their children this kind of valuable truthism. You can find my details on Taroscopes. Now booking for special Year of the gippo specials. Payment can be made in part by blood sacrafice or bringing a few willing broads along. I havent been banging as much lately - I could do with a bit of lemurian lady juice.

Additionally what is the man supposed to do with the tattoo he invested in if this fictional turns out to be untrue?

I wouldn't take the time to wipe these flies off my brown arse if they so happened to stick to it after I shat my ring after too much curry. Only Shiva knows of the howling glory a lamb vindaloo can bring to a conspiracy genius.

You know, I've been reading this alternative internet blog scene for a few weeks now and I'm sorry to say that all the posters here are human filth, wasters drifting in a sea of intellectual sewage. All of you, scum. I'll bet not a single one of you would pay a penny for a piece of copyrighted scholarship ... or a dodgy home produced DVD boxset with me talking utter baloney for 459 hours... it figures.

Stop wasting my time, I have better things to do. The Rapture is but days away and i'm coming up so you better get this party started. Losers.

'vindaloo', 'Shiva', 'gippo', '459', and 'DVD' are all copyright Mtsar.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mtsar,
What should a researcher do if one fact that is clearly written in a book, contradicts another fact that was also written in a book? I understand that they both are right because of them being books, but is there another tie breaker that can be applied if it becomes absolutely necessary.

Anonymous said...

I am having a similar problem. And I remember you telling us at your forum not to believe anything that contradicts your work. (and I am not please believe me) but, well, its just that I just couldn't help but reading through this website and I know that you have staked your entire career on Sitchins "translations" and if this website is right then you would be a total fraud. As I said I do not and will never stray from your flock but I was hoping you could explain your position on this friend...was wanting to know.

Anonymous said...

you taught my indigo child how to swear in the proper irish way during your visit to Berkley.
I would like to thank you for teaching me that he is much more valuable than other children. it has done wonders for his developing ego.
to believe this as well.
he has also improved in the belittling of other children his age which he said you really helped him with. thanks for everything.

Mtsar said...

I do not answer questions that may confuse the simple logic of fictional scholarship.

Its a matter of faith. That's what they tell the god fuckers isn't it...? if its good enough for a couple of billion delusional hypocrites who really ought to be worshipping Jordan not Jesus, its good enough for me.

If I get confused, then my readers get confused and the whole house of cards comes crashing down

you get it mister?

Thankyou for your correspondence.

Ciao, M

Mtsar said...

The problem with Indigo children is they often throw up randomly - a lot in fact.

I can tell you now, I left that academy's little rising stars with more than a few black eyes and busted holes for soiling the man's best threads with their new age bile.

Still, progress was made. The man abides.

Mr Sub Paragraph #3 said...

Tsarion is a free masonic stooge... full stop. A liar, a deceiver and a misrepresenter of information on a vast scale doing his bit for the great work... Wake up people..!!!