Monday, 11 August 2008

Buy my New Book!!

The Irish Origins of Civilisation Special Audio edition is now out, priced at a one time, illusions member special of $299 with a free signed photo of the least balding angle I could have the photographer take of my glorious face.

The narration is done by Jordan Maxwell himself, lending a weight of fictional scholarship that I alone could not give these beautiful fictional words. We have recorded many authentic sounds of Ireland, which play behind Jordan's soft narration. The sound of pikeys stealing your car, terrorist bombs, sheep, old men belching, and Dublin people pronouncing words like 'burger' and 'tarmac your drive?' in funny ways as only they can. These are just but some of the features that this once in a lifetime audio book can afford you not to miss.

My new newsletter is also out.. and despite putting the advertisement on Taroscopes only 17 people have signed up! What the fuck am I supposed to do.. waste my time and money writing for 17 people? This is a joke. Don't expect me to aplogise for sounding pissed off, because I am. Listen chaps and chapettes, I have already had to sell my entire Sepultura and Metallica back catalogues to finance the making of this audiotape. Self publishing isn't cheap ye'know. All I ask is a few hundred of you subscribe for $3 a month (far cheaper than David Icke) to keep me in vital writing stocks, paddy power and the occassional broad. Why should't an audience finance an authors life? Is that too much to ask? If it wasn't for me someone else would have to make up these fairy stories to keep you all entertained

anyway, Ciao, and remember fuckwits,

"life is like a box of chocolates, some are brown and some are half brown, the half brown ones are copyright mtsar" (Mtsar newsletter 1 2008)

'$3', '17', 'newsletter', and 'burger' are all copyright mtsar incorporated

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