Monday, 11 August 2008

New Research - exclusive material!

Yes folks and folkettes I have compiled a very serious and exciting new piece of fictional scholarship that cannot wait until the publication of my forever delayed new collage of fairytales/book 'The Irish origins of Civilization according to the scholarship of Mtsar'

~firstly, a short word on the delay of the book, I have been spending most of my time chasing copyright violators and image defamers over the internets lately. The filthy pictures of my face doctored to remove my copyrighted features and trinkets are a damage and a foul to my mtsar product. i will never rest until all these scum are on the end of my shiny length. If I dont get to them first, the rapture will clean up their earthly mess for me no doubt.

Let it be known ye scum, the age of Vedication (copyright mtsar) will rid the world of the schiziod beast that mankind has become.

The new age of Vedication, Something I have abbreviated as 'the age of Vedic' for short (copyright mtsar) will enter Earthy consciousness early in 2008. People will be ripped a new asshole, suffering immense purging from the bowels literally ridding ourselves of the shit of ages. A good friend of the age of Vedic, a pioneer in his own right 'Bryanamsterdam' volunteered himself to go forward in consciousness and time and sample this new age. He is now back in the Bay Area squatting at my shack and he has brought me this fantastic news. I just HAD to share it here at Illusions and on Taroscopes.

People, listen straight. The Atlanteans and all their tinkering will be shat out. Just like that. Stock up on good bottled water and lubricant. All disease, sexual deviance, genetic browness, baldness, inferiority... it will all be purged. I have been regularly basking in moonlight manifesting this age, and the news of its imminency has awakened my rage more than ever. The human midget population and the worlds children will not be able to survive this process, their large intestines are too small to fill with the muck of ages, so i have taken it upon myself to call out a crusade to rid the world of these foul minature beasts. Who is with me?

People, this is the time of our lives, there will be no doubt that I, Mtsar, am 100% correct on this. It has been channelled directly from an ascended being that you all know and respect so well - oh and if anyone wants to buy gold now is the time. I can hardly maintain my brilliance, prolonged exposure to Sepultura and Megadeath are barely containing my rage for glory and blood. I fear I may ascend prematurely... if that is to happen you all know what to do thanks to my freely provided fictional scholarship.

Fear ye not children, go forward into the brown mess of ages in confidence for it was foretold in legend.


'Vedic', 'Vedication', 'Irish', 'Brown' and 'intestines' are all copyright mtsar

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