Monday, 11 August 2008

The Mtsar April Newsletter

Well, its not often I get out in the daylight hours, but just yesterday I managed to venture out in the deep sun of the Bay area, looking handsome and deadly in black and stop by my local electrical megastore.I managed to brave the symbolism on the billboards and make my way to the gaming section.

When there I noticed this fucking Wii device. You wave around a stick and it reacts onscreen - i tried to attach it to my length and act like the butch man that I am and bowl in the brilliant storelight, but the staff ejected me. These idiots have no idea who the man is. The manager suggested that I not swing my sword on the premises as it may inflict injury. I told him I was a broadsword master and had slain many villians and midget employees with striking accuracy. He was certainly not convinced by that point so I invited him to step outside, take my knife, stick it up his arse, twist it and then howl to shiva that he has gotten off lightly.

More still, uncle Jordan's nephew, john Paul III made me aware that on this Wii system you can create your own characters, and with about 30 minutes of customization you can re-create my bodily and facial image, right down to the stubble and the jippo trinkets , which is all copyright Mtsar. I contacted Nintendo Inc. about this, informing them of the reputation I have as a serious fictional scholar, and am still awaiting reply. I requested six o clock shadows, balding manes, full length leather and right ear trinkets be removed from the customizable character creation menu - is that too much to ask? Is is people? I think not.

I also hear that the David Icke webmaster is now a pre-op transexual going by the name of 'Daisy' and is getting a hard time for it. Well listen my fine maiden wannabe, Mtsar doesnt discriminate. Ill take you on my knee and give you the beating of your life. Don't let these vagabond human trainwrecks derail your desires, Stop by my squat anytime.

The Mtsar newsletter is now provided free of charge because since my rapture and Pluto predictions were wrong and nothing happened I really just want the attention now. Taroscopes revenue has also dwindled away since a fine poster on my forum pointed out to me that sending my clientele to Shiva in the bloody moonlight is not the best business sense. My new 2 volume master piece of made up scholarship and appendixes has sold next to nothing...even Jeff Rense's banner ads are too expensive for me now. Your money means little to me, all it brings me is trouble. In these dark times crime is the way forward, I will stop playing the game and start taking what I need from the rich non midget population of the lower Bay Area. Lock up your daughters and fine maidens. Mtsar is back in black people and i'm ready to fuck and rob my way to the top. I'm unsheathed and loose.

copyright has been removed from this newsletter. all other copyright and removal of copyright notices are copyright Mtsar incorporated. Mtsar incorporated is copyright the Rose Croix 2008.

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