Saturday, 16 August 2008

Children of Mu..... official transcript

This is a transcript of a speech the man made at the Ufocon in the Bay Area yesterday. This is pasted as reported by my personal assistant, who's commentary notes are in red.

Children of Mu,

The world is depressing today. People steal copyright [*laughter*], maidens are slaughtered at pre-pubescent age [*Rockefeller looks down and smiles*], bombs are dropped on the half brown populations [Hell yeah, sandnigger! cries are heard from the rednecks on row 4*], Jordan Maxwell lies dying due to a cancer caused by his weight and poor diet [*applause*], and more importantly no one has bought my second work of fictional scholarship and appendices, The Irish Origins of Civilization, leaving me brokeback as a skint mountain.

The truth is not out there, its in there, in my book [*the speaker points to a mountain of pristine, unsold copies of said book for sale in the theater and displays a slide on a black laptop showing a picture of a storage depot with several thousand books in boxes, appearing to be in long term storage*].

In desperate times like this there is only one recourse. Suicide scholarship [*a picture of Zechariah Sichin is displayed*]

I have been driven to this, you have been warned. from now on all alternative research will self destruct upon impact. we are not worth of the fiction we bring ourselves anymore. We have chosen to spend our money on DVD boxsets of Heroes [*cheering and applause: people are heard mentioning that they only recognise the first series as a quality purchase*] and Stargate Atlantis, and exercise videos ... whilst the man lies starving, rancid, and faces the imminent death of his mentor, Jordan.

Paddy power has never stood at a lower ebb people.

Tomorrow I return to west belfast, to my gippo caravan. I leave the proud man of the Bay area behind, and return to the taunts of the ghetto. Cries and taunts of 'ill pay you a fiver for yer ma' [*Art Bell looks embarrassed*] or 'tarmac my drive' [*Alex jones is overheard telling his personal goatboy, Paul Joseph Watson, to get a quote for his texas ranch after the speech*] will once again belittle the man. But, knowing that every time an alternative video is played on youtube, google, or a website is opened of the conspiracy genre, my well placed operatives will blow the readers/viewers to shiva will give the man recourse to survive through the pure lust of Blood letting [controversy as the attendees fear for their incomes. Alex jones is overheard shouting Super-MEGA-NOOOvaaaaa*]

War is no fun, but I have blood in my veins, and as long as I do, I will slaughter all the ungreatful scum who have robbed me blind and disrespected me. Time to burn fuckers. With Black Sabbath on the sound system, I walk forth to my new life. See you all in hell.

Copyright is copyright Mtsar.


Anonymous said...

i don't know if jordan is sick or not. hard to determine your truth from fiction. and yet if that is fiction its a pretty lame piece of work. gotta watch out for the hyperstition effects we have when we write dude. as for the money? jezzzz mtsar we're all broke. what happen to all your millionaire clients you read for? push those bastards prices up. make them pay for your paddy power supplies whores to fuck and such. whores as in the hot babes with hot wet tight throbbing pussies. not those costly pay for cunts. sale your house in californication and cum live in tn. you can rant and rage all day long here kick an ass or two and then come to my place and bang this maiden unconscious. then don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out as you leave to go howl at the moon. that is if you still can howl after fucking the sacred yoni of ishtar as she often uses my body to express herself.

i'm known by many names manic moon is just one of them. i am the enemy of your evil twin.

Mtsar said...

you should come over and share in the juices of my fruity fictional labor.

I can accommodate and am available washed or beastly natural.. however you like it.