Monday, 11 August 2008

Total Hit Piece!

Listen, I was ambushed in this interview, It was a stitch up. They gave me meth and told me it was vapourised vodka, and im not a man to turn down good spirits.
I woke up in my underwear with a used condom on my ring finger hugging a statue of Jesus outside a local bay area church. I have no idea how I got there.

If i find these cowboys ill wring their fucking necks with my bare hands and put my fist throught their heads. with Shiva as my witness, NO ONE takes the piss out of 'the man'. The fictional scholarship will go on, let the vassals laugh in their ignorance of the truths I make up for a reasonable price

'Jesus' is copyright mtsar


Ciggy said...

We got yer dosh and yer kidneys in one go. You got one last poke at Maxwell's fat-crack. I'd say it was a profitable evening for all!

Mtsar said...

fuck you you lemurian scum

maxwell is not fat, that is legitimate fictional storage for the vast secret knowledge he possesses.

he is forced to carry around this burden.

its not easy.

Eric said...

Oh man, finding this blog has made my day. I love it, keep it up Mr. Tsarion.


Mtsar said...

kind regards Eric.
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