Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Mtsar August Newsletter

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This month we have several new exclusives including a review in the 'smell like the new age' quarterly newsletter on the new range of vegan, vedic cologne that I am manufacturing from my kitchen in the Bay Area.

We are also offering the chance for devoted fans to receive genuine Jordan Maxwell body pieces, which will be removed as part of his imminent autopsy. Details on the website.

There is also an article about a recent USA visit by UK comedian and fellow David Icke-ette Russell Brand.

This Russell Chap, yes... very funny. When he came to the Bay Area I was charitable enough to give him my sofa... when I woke up he had emptied my fridge of coconut milk (excellent for ascension symptoms) and stolen all my black clothes....

Still, we had a great evening out in the slut joints, drinking paddy power, picking up broads and banging them up the brown into the wee small hours. Russell has agreed to co-produce and finance my next DVD boxset 'The Mtsar Guide to Banging Broads in the Age of Aquarius'. It will include a bonus section on how to cope with hairloss, mainly by dangling gippo trinkets all around your face and neck to distract the honeys from your glorius half brown scalp.

Ful details can be found on Taroscopes, and hopefully I will feature on next weeks Russel Brand Show. I would love to get a chance to share my origins of disability research.

I am now endorsing the ipod touch, as it is black and shiny, like Shiva in the new moon. Nothing beats seeing your manly stare reflected in one of those beasts as you listen to metallica and sepultura in your inner ear phones (hidden from view by your glorious side mane of course). They are also a great way to store sick porn shit so you can jack off when and wherever you feel the schiziod burning need to do so as your atlantean side manifests. Some say 3.5" is too small... i say fuck them.

I take my music very seriously

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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful. I'll sign up to your $555 mystery school right away.

Here, right?:

Ah bummer! Closed?He has enough $ already? How can it ever be enough for our glorious man-god Tsarion...?

Thanks, Cindy