Friday, 19 September 2008

Obama is the Anti-Christ

Yes folks, I have secured exclusive access to Obama's private gmail account.

You will notice that if you add up the third letter of every line it spells 'EVIL BLACK MAN NOT HALF BROWN, ATLANTIS RISING 666'

This is very serious. Obama is most certainly the Shivan antichrist, the Atonist megalord come to enslave humanity. We must stop him at once people. Take to the streets and demand a true blooded half-brown gippo to be your king.

Can you imagine the freedom America would enjoy if all the nations children were led by the Great Mtsar, and provided with free mystery school tarot educations instead of the mainstream fascist education they get now, sponsored by pepsi and zion?

'mystery', 'gippo' and 'Obama' are copyright Mtsar Incorporated. 'Mtsar is copyright the Jordan fatimus Maxwell Foundation, Class of '74.


Anonymous said...

another insightful post, gippo

are you gonna bring up the jesuits on alex jones show next monday, or is that just too much to ask. maybe you can discuss macrobes instead....i'm sure alex will completely agree with you

fuck you you stupid half=brown witless constipated ass

Mtsar said...

I am not constipated. Everything else you wrote, I agree with you buster.

Anonymous said...

ok mister, i get you now.

sayin' this that & the other about being constipated or not....its all the left hand, right hand dealings isn't it? what does the red carpet mean, & why all the rituals? go to the CFR & see the door, how its the same as the other door in another city.....this is what your work describes.......& its gonna tear down the establishment if only alex jones will let you exclaim it on his fine program.

but, like many famous "truthers" carrying around a heft load od shite in their drawers........alex jones is probably constipated too, from all the knowledge he's accumulated over the decades of painstaking research.

& he will love to deny it too, just like he avoids jesuit talkers, off -world talkers & lizard men talkers
just ask him& see him lose his mind.

do it for your fans

3 moons in hell said...

I would kick THIS versions of Mtsar ass too. But I would NOT kick his ass out of my bed! Yum! Pretty Sexy Here Mtsar ... A lot sexier than your evil twin at that Mtsar forum? Is he the impostor? Or are YOU baby?

The ManicMoon

Anonymous said...

well you sounded kind of constipated & mad on alex jones man, hope everything "came out" alright

Anonymous said...

not sure how i manage to link to this blog but the obama shit pretty funny
what or who the fuck is mtsar ?

Mtsar said...

you linked her because of the psychic power of the schizoid beast inside you.

Everyone is always 'here'


3 moons in hell said...

ROAR, meow, and puuuuurfectly imperfect! i love my beastly beast even if she/he's hard to ride sometimes. but i like it rough don't you mtsar?

3 moons in hell said...

oh btw ... timing is everything.

Mtsar said...

Miss 3 Moons

You are right fine maiden, timing is everything. If you buy a course in my Taroscopic mystery school for $400 I can teach you all about the wonders of time and mysterys you will never uncover anywhere else because I have created them and copyrighted them personally.

thankyou for your dedication to my muse.

Rage on

3 moons in hell said...

greetings ole great half brown lover of all maiden's alike.

your message could be considered some what ambiguous as your statement here shows ....

"I can teach you all about the wonders of time and mysterys you will never uncover anywhere else because I have created them." ....

at first glance one might assume that you're speaking of YOUR CREATED METHODS for learning the wonders of TIME and unraveling the MYSTERIES of life. but further inspection has lead me to wonder if in fact you actually meant that YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF THE WONDERS OF TIME AND THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE.

therefore i feel a clarification might be in order before i consider such an investment.

and if not my muses dedication it's certainly is my muse's pleasure.

and as always old on tight and ride that BEAST BABE! at the end of the day it's all we've got to show and tell in most cases.

how's your evil twin brother ;o)?


Anonymous said...

hey DANANN. god thing he don't recognize U anymore

-craig O.

3 moons in hell said...

sure he recognizes me! DANANN is a secret code. anyway since i was lured here by the email announcements might well say hey to the great brown lover of all maidens! so babe when are you going to post more amusing musings of the fictional sort on this blog sweetie? i hope you realize that your evil twin brother mstar (who also recognized me) is pounding away at controlling the minds of humanity day and night. i think if you kept posting on you blog this might help counter act the horrible evil effects this UNbeastly twin of yours is having on the maidens. take care of your fine self great brown lover of all maidens! see you in the next round. kisses and hugs


3 moons in hell said...

in the events of a very strange evening last night i wanted to add something to my comment to anonymous comment. i think "DANANN" is someone well known on the mtsar forum. someone who was banned. a queen indeed but certainly not the queen me. her true colors will shine through eventually if tested tried and this will prove who is who in this great enigmatic internet web of fantasy and intrigue. seems a sticky web has been woven for no apparent reason. and all for just a spot on the evil twin brothers mtsar forum? how very odd to be that obsessed with a silly forum. but Mtsar-Fringe cutie you are my lovable half brown lover muse of all fine maidens alike! and you and your muse rule me a million times over that evil twin brother of yours the mtsar forum guy. kisses and hugs! everyone lets try tohave some fun before the rapture OK! rage on have hot sex and as the saying goes "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die" enjoy yourselves for a change. tata

Anonymous said...

De Dannan is not Gena for the record. De Dannan has been slandered by mtsar and in true mtsar fashion, has copyrighted the name "De Danann". Apparently her boot licking wasn't good enough for him.

3 moons in hell said...

hum? does any body even know who this GENA person is actually? oh shit ... that's right ... i forgot. I'M GENA! oh well this internet has scald my brains. time to take a break from the techno freaks and just "BE" as the late great ian goldlum suggests in his work. ta ta crule world!

p.s. oh and don't think i'd forget to cuddle up to you ole great half brown lover of all maidens a like! YUM! how's it going sweetie? any ideas who's winning the war right now in this war of the gods? personally i'm aiming for MISTRESS OF THE UNIVERSE! but i'm just more ambition than some i suppose ;o). kisses and hugs you hot sexy man.

3 moons in hell said...

oh and p.s.s. no suicides over the evil mtsar crule words on the forum. and no more bogus suicide hoax either chicks jezzz get a grip. i personally think the teacher left the class alone for too long and as we all know kids will be kids ole great half brown lover. and there is nothing worse than a class room full of randy fresh turned vampires ;o)! did you realize that rumor has it that your evil twin brother mtsar has cast a spell and chicks that tends to make them want be his slave and if rejected they off them self? it's really a very strange story indeed. and it's also rumored they will sell their soul to get the evil mtsar's attention and approval. or so the STORIES goes. anyway De Dannan just don't go to the vampire lyre any more and you'll live in a happy ignorant bliss like me! yeah i know what we don't know can hurt us ... all i have to say about that is i only pay attention to those who are hurting me to my face in true warrior form. it's the only dignified way it in my opinion. and in the southern style do it with smile. yeah that would be nice too ;o)!

3 moons in hell said...

ole great half brown lover of all maidens alike please excuse all my comments that are unrelated to your blog i realize how rude this is therefore i apologise and yet i feel one more important post is necessary as i see all this misuse and non-constructive use of our male and female energies all around me so i thought i'd post this to remind everyone as we wait for the rapture. btw tell your evil twin brother mtsar to hurry up with those chymical divorces ... times a ticking you know! sweet kisses to you sweetie! YUM!
Sacred Love lyrics

Take off those working clothes
Put on these high heeled shoes
Don't want no preacher on the TV baby
Don't want to hear the news

Shut out the world behind us
Put on your long black dress
No one's ever gonna find us here
Just leave your hair in a mess
I've been searching long enough
I begged the moon and the stars above
For sacred love

I've been up, I've been down
I've been lonesome, in this godless town
You're my religion, you're my church
You're the holy grail at the end of my search
Have I been down on my knees for long enough?
I've been searching the planet to find
Sacred love

The spirit moves on the water
She takes the shape of this heavenly daughter
She's rising up like a river in flood
The word got made into flesh and blood
The sky grew dark, and the earth she shook
Just like a prophecy in the Holy Book
Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not doubt that this love is real
So I got down on my knees and I prayed to the skies
When I looked up could I trust my eyes?
All the saints and angels and the stars up above
They all bowed down to the flower of creation
Every man every woman
Every race every nation
It all comes down to this
Sacred love

Don't need no doctor, don't need no pills
I got a cure for the country's ills
Here she comes like a river in flood
The word got made into flesh and blood
Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill
But if you don't love her your best friend will

All the saints up in heaven and the stars up above
It all comes down, it all comes down
It all comes down to love,

Take off your working clothes
Put on your long black dress
And your high heeled shoes
Just leave your hair in a mess

I've been thinking 'bout religion
I've been thinking 'bout the things that we believe
I've been thinking 'bout the Bible
I've been thinking 'bout Adam and Eve
I've been thinking 'bout the garden
I've been thinking 'bout the tree of knowledge, and the tree of life
I've been thinking 'bout forbidden fruit
I've been thinking 'bout a man and his wife

I been thinking 'bout, thinking 'bout
Sacred love, sacred love:

3 moons in hell said...

ole great half brown lover of all maidens alike i must apologise one more time. i'm terrible with names and i posted this mans name incorrectly in one comment. Ian Xel Lungold is who i meant. i thought i would correct this before i go on my little trip next week! ya'll have fun ...

Tomislav said...

Why is this blog good? You really think you are helping? Why the fuck are you attacking Michael Tsarion EVEN if you believe he is wrong?
You need some some serious thinking to do..
What for are those photoshoped pictures good? Why?
Come on man, seriouslly, the world is fucking collapsing, and people are trying to figure out what the hell is going on, so maybe we might do some change and get educated, but no, you feel photoshoping mtsars face on random pictures is the solution.. no you think these personal attacks are going to solve it all..
please dude, rethink what the hell you are doing, because its not healthy..

the toucher said...

tomislav i feel your passion in this post and it is appreciated. but mtsar-fringe has freedom of speech as does everyone within reason. and yeah part of being free is a bitch because sometime we run into others opinions about people and issues we have strong feelings about. but certainly you know this. it's just the good, the bad and the ugly of individuals living free lives. as for michael tsarion and those who believe his twist on this story of life ... well i think MT knew when he got into the public eye that stuff like this would show up from time to time. and anyway MT and the gang are all traveling around the world and having a ball this summer so i'm sure he's not upset. in fact i doubt he is even online that much. i mean he's a very busy man you know and i'm sure he prabably has people answering emails and posting on the forum for him right now. any way you might want to relax and enjoy this time also. however you are right about this world and yeah for most of us trying to have a life in this world SUCKS! but please don't worry about what people are saying about michael tsarion. anyone can see that he has fortunately found away out and over that wall we all hope to get over someday. lets just hope he remembers those such as your self tomislav ... those who stood up for him in his absents. in the mean time i suggest we all pay attention to what mt teaches us about mind control and subversive messages and think think think about all the ways we could be controlled. and from those who you least expect it. here is a great example to show how EASY it is to catch and fry a few fish without them ever knowing what HIT them. good luck and take care Tomislav. THINK!

Mr Wankel Rotary Engine said...

Tsarion you are a free masononic stooge (or better still enuch) doing his bit for the great work....just like your buddies Zacharia,Jordan and Manly P.... the game is up buddy..!!
Micheal Heiser has called your hand regarding your fabrications, let alone what Chris White has to say about you, and guys like William Cooper really blow your cover..... Duck and dive and retort all you want...But there you are putting your little boot in as part of the Luciferian cult trying to wrest our free will from us.
Oh! the powers you must think you wield, or are going to wield in your self assurance. Where's my pea-shooter, you need a few more holes shot in your paper thin presentations....

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